Listen instead

Listen Instead.png

The point of a story is to leave something behind, something that people will hear and remember what you have learned along your journey of life. And hopefully, those lessons are things that can be used by those you love to better their lives so they don’t have to experience the same pains and hurts but rather to be able to experience the joy that every one of us is looking for.

I love to hear people tell their stories. It feels like you get to experience their story with them and laugh along with their cosmic “inside-jokes”. As I have been learning how to better express myself and let the things that I have learned in life (so far) become something of value to those around me; I have found that much of the story-telling is found in the silent moments. The moments where you listen instead of speak. It is very easy to start putting energy into the “wrong” part of a story. It is also easy to forget; every story is just a “story, so-far”. I am grateful to be reminded of that.

Tess Willsie