The phone only rang twice before Kevin answered. “Classic Kev” I thought to myself. He greeted me as cheerfully and as warm as he always did. But, as the breeze cooled my sweaty forehead; I knew that what I had to say to him next would dramatically change the tone of this conversation. He asked me “what’s up?” and as I looked down past the tips of my shoes over the edge of building that housed the venue of the evening I told him, “I have to be on stage in about 15 minutes and the only thing going through my mind is that this height probably wouldn’t kill me just... make it even worse ...”

Recently, I have had the pleasure of being able to reconnect with some of the people who are important to me. Kevin and I used to be “road buddies” whenever we neede to travel for shows and such. We saw a lot of mischief and more than once caused everyone else on these adventures more headaches than we were worth but, we always have been able to look out for each other. We are a little older now and, hopefully, a lot wiser... 

As I stood there wondering how I was supposed to go onstage and “express myself” when all I wanted to do was stop existing, Kevin talked to me calmly. He asked if I wanted him to come and get me and continued to talk to me and remind me that those hard things that have happened are over and that I made it through the hardest part. He reminded me of the things that I hold valuable and that they wouldn’t be valuable to me anymore if I made “the choice”. I couldn’t see how it could get better all those years ago but, I am glad that I trusted a friend who has my personal best-interest at heart and shown me what a real friend looks like.

If you are reading this and know any of my story, you also know a bit about Kevin now. I am grateful for that. 



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