Begin Again


In life there is so much change. It swirls around us like the wind (cue the Pocahontas soundtrack), tugging at our clothes, willing us to move. However you have come to find Ex Libris, know that this is not where we started and it not where we will stay. As with our lives, music is living and breathing. 

Though the course of our lives, Aaron and I have been changed time and time again. We have fought, cried, loved, and learned our way along a narrow path filled with many failures. Until we discovered a simple truth: The only people who we had failed were those that weren't truly supporting us in the first place. And when we felt like we ourselves were failing, we realized it was because we had begun following a path that did not belong to us.

So you see, we couldn't remain still any longer. While stillness gives us clarity, it also can hold us back. We grew. We grew into Ex Libris. And now we begin again, we don't stop here. 


Ex Libris,