Creative Hibernation


When I think back over the summer, it almost seems like I was in a kind of creative hibernation. We put in a lot of work! Don’t get me wrong! But between all the shows and travel it can be hard to find time to work on new songs and compositions.

I had the privilege of meeting an amazing woman at one of of shows not long ago, who gave me a very special gift. She gave to me one of her own poems and requested that I turn it into a song. I have been working on the music for this poem for about a month and am very excited about it. The trust that was shown in me by her action was a first, I realized that I was the only one who regarded myself as a “less-than musician.” When I continued down to why I felt this way, I realized that I hadn’t been creating. 

You see when I was met this woman she gave me more than a poem. She gave me community, respect, recognition, and INSPIRATION! As artists I believe we are all equals, however I don’t act with that assumption. Often times I will think of myself as a lesser musician because of my skill level or understanding of music theory or how long I’ve been playing or (one of the biggest) being young. But you see NON of these thing matter! Being an artist requires nothing more than creating art. 

So with this truth in my heart, I leave my cave and shake the sleep from my eyes. My creative hibernation has ended.