Life Moving Onward


Life is a strange concept to me sometimes, it’s hard to know what to record and what not to. We try so desperately to change our stories yet we can’t lose sight of where we came from lest we slip back to that place.  

I came from a religious background, as I grew into an adult I tried to maintain that basic idea of religion as my base but it became harder and harder to believe in it. Over the last two years I really came to know that following religion wasn’t for me but I quickly became distraught over losing my “faith.” Aaron would look at me and ask “Are you going to be alright?” And “You don’t need to lose this, I will support you if you want to go to church.” I didn’t though, for some reason going to church seemed like a backward step to me. If I no longer believed in religion than what did I believe in? Can anyone see the flaw in my thinking? 

I continued to struggled with what it looked and felt like, not titling myself as such and such religion. At first it seemed so empty, what should I believe? But when I stepped back I realized my beliefs hadn’t changed quite as much as I realized. My abandonment of RELIGEON was in no way an abandonment of FAITH. I have faith in many things, most of all I have faith that my time on this planet is meant for something greater than myself. I have faith that the gifts I have can be shared with others. I have faith in the universe/higher power of which I am a part of that my efforts to enrich the world with art, happiness, and love are not in vain. 

So it is in this frame of mind that I create my art, build my life, and love my family. It is in this frame of mind that I share what I learn with others, I hope that you too may be elevated to a new plane of consciousness. 


Ex Libris, 



Tess Willsie